UN 2023 Water Conference

Water is a dealmaker for the Sustainable Development Goals, and for the health and prosperity of people and planet. But our progress on water related goals and targets remains alarmingly off track, jeopardising the entire sustainable development agenda.

The Global Commission on the Economics of Water (GCEW) will provide the UN 2023 Water Conference with a first report with a fundamental reassessment of the way we manage and value water, and its intrinsic role on the path to a more sustainable future. The report will be launched at a side event on 22 March.

The UN 2023 Water Conference will deliver a Compact of voluntary commitments, which can inspire the Commission but also signal gaps, on which the Commission may wish to work.

The Conference will feature an opening and closing ceremony, six plenary meetings and five multi-stakeholder interactive dialogues. It will also feature a number of high-level special events and side events organised by Member States, the UN system, and other stakeholders.

The outcome of the Conference will be a summary of the Conference proceedings and new commitments, pledges, and actions by Governments and all stakeholders towards achieving SDG 6 and other water-related goals and targets, compiled in the Water Action Agenda.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Republic of Tajikistan will co-host the Conference.

The Commission will be engaged in the following sessions:

22 March

1:15pm | Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Official Side Event – Turning the Tide: A Call to Collective Action by the Global Commission on the Economics of Water

A sustainable and just water future can be achieved. It requires transforming the economics and governance of water, so as to deliver on the human right to safe water, protect the global water cycle as a global common good, and keep the Earth system safe for all. The GCEW will set out at this transformational agenda at the event.

We will be joined at the side event by national and multilateral leaders at the forefront of tackling the challenges of the global commons. There will also be ample opportunity to engage in dialogue with the GCEW on the challenges of tackling the water crisis, and converting it to massive global opportunity.

23 March

3:00pm | Conference Room 2, UNHQ

Informal Special Event – The Economics of Water: transforming governance to secure a sustainable, just and prosperous future

This jointly chaired open dialogue of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water (GCEW) will initiate a global consultative process that will contribute to the final GCEW report in 2024.

On this occasion, the key findings and provocations of the GCEW will be presented and discussed with the UN Major Groups and other stakeholders, as well as other collaborating organisations. 

24 March

10:00am | Conference Room 4, UNHQ

Interactive Dialogue – Water Action Decade: Accelerating the implementation of the objectives of the Decade, including through the UN Secretary-General’s Action Plan

As outlined in General Assembly resolution 75/212, the interactive dialogues shall be collaborative and multi-stakeholder in nature, with due regard for gender and geographical balance.

Each interactive dialogue will be presided over by two co-chairs, one from a developing country and one from a developed country, to be appointed by the Presidents of the Conference. This interactive dialogue will be co-chaired by Singapore and United States of America.

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